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Reports and Submissions

No Way to Escape: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Low-Income Lone-Mother Workers in BC

May 25, 2024

In March 2024, we released our research report, No Way to Escape: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Low-Income Lone-Mother Workers in BC

Led by a team of peer researchers who were all lone mothers, our research with the UBC School of Social Work found the pandemic had a significant, negative impact on the economic situation for most of the low-income lone mothers in the study.

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Legal Aid Test Case Settlement Backgrounder

On February 15th, 2024, the provincial government announced a historic agreement reached between the Ministry of the Attorney General, Legal Aid BC, and the Centre for Family Equity, represented by West Coast LEAF.

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Evidence-based recommendations on $10-a-day child care sent to the Province

Our December 21, 2023 recommendation letter to the Province regarding $10-a-day child care development in BC.

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A Whole Life: The Impact of $10-a-Day Child Care on the Health and Socioeconomic Well-being of Low-Income Lone Mothers in BC

This participatory research, carried out in collaboration with the School of Social Work, University of British Columbia, sheds light on the transformative power of accessible and affordable child care for low-income lone mothers and uncovers an unfinished system that still shuts many marginalized families out. 

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Budget 2024 Consultation presentation

Our May 31, 2023 Presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services,

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SMA Listening & Demographic Survey 2023 Results

Our annual report on priorities, initiatives, and campaigns based on community engagement we conduct annually through February and March with our members throughout BC.

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A Universal School Food System for BC

Our analysis of three focus groups conducted with parents in June 2022 to highlight the experiences and views of low-income parents and caregivers regarding school food.

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Transit for Teens: Parental Perspectives on the Impact of Free Transit for Youth 13-18 in BC

Our findings as one of four community partners invited to carry out a pilot project in collaboration with the City of Vancouver.

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Recommendation Letter: Transit for Teens

Our January 6, 2023 submission to government RE: Extending free transit to include youth 13-18 in all transit systems in BC.

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Recommendation Letter: A Universal School Food System

Our October 24, 2022 Recommendation Letter to government RE: A universal school food system at every public school in BC.

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