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Centre for Family Equity - Parental Mental Health Initiative

Group mental health therapy support initiative with a nature-based approach

Our Parental Mental Health Initaitive is one-year long no cost group therapy support initative that provides a group therapy session once a month for 12 consecutive months for low income parents and caregivers. Our initiative offers an innovative nature-based approach to group therapy and is partnered with Human Nature Counselling Society. The initial cohort of the program is for mothers and caregivers impacted by poverty and mental health challenges including PTSD (diagnosed or undiagnosed) and the impact of trauma due to intimate partner violence and gender-based violence. The program provides group therapy led by clinical counsellors with a trauma-informed approach. The initiative employs an innovative nature-based healing and therapy modality that also aims to break down the barriers around access to local green space and nature on Coast Salish lands for connection, healing, and plant gathering for mothers impacted by trauma.

Some information on Nature-based Therapy from our partner Human Nature Counselling: Nature-based therapy is a form of experiential therapy that incorporates one’s relationship with the natural world into counselling interventions to enhance a client’s growth and development. It strives towards the reciprocal healing of both humans and their larger ecological home. While the scope of nature-based practices is widely varied, common elements include mindfulness and sensory awareness practices, a focus on bonding and belonging, an experiential and process-oriented approach, a focus on the body, restoration, and regulation.

The program was developed based on input from CFE members and is based on research on the impacts of the pandemic on marginalized mothers.

How does the parental mental health initiative work? 

Please see our link below if you wish to fill in our expression of interest form to join Roots in the future.

  • Group therapy facilitated, shaped, and led by licensed clinical counsellors. 
  • Program led by mental health care professionals with expertise in PTSD, trauma, GBV and IPV. 
  • A fully trauma-informed approach.
  • All transportation and meals during nature-based outings when offered are covered by the program. 
  • Opportunity to shape the shape and growth of the initiative.
  • Honoraria available for at-home childminding for those with children under five and transit costs support to access the program monthly.
  • If you would like to support the program through your involvement as a leader or facilitator, learn more about becoming a program participant as we expand the program, please email [email protected].

To express your interest in applying and registering for the CFE's Parental Mental Health initiative please fill in our expression of interest form here.