Centre For Family Equity

Introducing the Centre for Family Equity

June 01, 2023

VANCOUVER, BC; unceded territories - The Single Mothers' Alliance has renewed its identity as the Centre for Family Equity (CFE) to reflect its commitment to inclusivity and expanded scope to focus on all family poverty in BC. The name change comes after careful consideration of feedback from members and allies. Our new name reflects the organization's inclusivity of all marginalized genders in our work towards gender equality and the thriving community we have built since founding in 2014.

The organization's expanded focus on family poverty includes conducting research, making public policy recommendations, taking legal action to uphold human rights, and providing targeted programs. The Centre for Family Equity aims to address systemic disadvantages and resulting family poverty in BC. The organization is community-based and lived-experience led, with its strategic priorities determined by frequent listening campaigns to ensure that its work is continually meeting the real and evolving needs of its members and families impacted by poverty in BC.

Despite the changes, the CFE remains steadfast in its commitment to lone parents and the gendered nature of high lone-parent poverty rates. The organization's focus on gender equality and addressing intimate partner violence will not waver. The SMA name remains an important part of the CFE's identity, continuing as a convening tool and organizing space for engagement with justice-minded lone mothers throughout BC.

Please see our Basis of Unity for more information about our guiding principles. 

For more information on our approach focusing on equity-seeking families please click here.

We need your support to thrive and carry out our work. In addition to the name change, we are happy to announce that the Centre for Family Equity has achieved charitable status after eight years as a non-profit entity. Charitable status allows the organization to leverage more resources to carry out its mandate. To support the CFE, please access our online fundraising portal. All donations will receive a tax receipt.