Centre For Family Equity

CFE Funded by Mobilizing Justice at the University of Toronto Scarborough to study the Impact of Mobility Poverty on At-Risk Youth in BC

January 18, 2024

(Vancouver, BC: Unceded Coast Salish Territories) The Centre for Family Equity is excited to announce we have received funding for a case study on the impacts of mobility poverty on at-risk youth in BC. The case study is funded and supported by the Mobilizing Justice initiative with the University of Toronto Scarborough. Mobilizing Justice is a national partnership of academics, NGOs, and government & transit agencies working to advance equity and justice in Canadian transportation planning. Our 'Mobilizing Justice Case Study on At-Risk Youth' poses the following research question: 

How does mobility poverty impact the social and community integration, safety, educational attainment, and overall well-being, including mental, physical, and socio-economic well-being, of low-income at-risk youth in the Lower Mainland and the Interior of British Columbia? 

As a community-based organization committed to systemic change for equity-seeking families, children, and youth, the CFE is excited to contribute to Mobilizing Justice's research in this area. The collaborative case study will be conducted in partnership with two primary partners, Aunt Leah's Place and the BC Coalition to End Youth Homelessness, encompassing both of BC's transit regions: TransLink and BC Transit.

The research project builds on the momentum of our Transit for Teens campaign and previous research conducted with the City of Vancouver on the impact of affordable free-fare transit on low-income families and youth. We look forward to working with the team at Mobilizing Justice and our project partners and other allies as we carry out the case study in the Lower Mainland the Interior region of BC.